Exercising is one of my favorite
hobbies.     Personal Reflection Exercises…
I exercise because it allows me to feel
liberated. When I exercise, all of my
inhibitions, insecurities, and fears
momentarily fade away as I enjoy
the adrenaline rush!
Exercise helps me improve my mental and
emotional health. I find myself feeling
more energized, well rested, and ready to
conquer just about anything after I finish
my exercise routine! Once my exercises
have been done for the day, I feel
In addition, this hobby helps me look
good and maintain good health – and it’s
doctor recommended, to boot! Shopping
is a dream because my body is fit,
and I look awesome in just about
anything!      Exercising is one of my favorite hobbies..
To me, physical activity is therapeutic. I
can truly be at one with my mind without
interruptions or negativity. At these times,
it’s just my mind, my body and me. And I
truly believe that I’m becoming more in
tune with my wants and needs by
dedicating this time to myself on a regular
I like to vary my routine every now and
then to challenge myself and keep
things fun. I take dance classes, do Tae
Bo, and set small milestones for myself.
For example, if my current exercise is
running, I make a goal of running five
miles in a specific amount of time before I
move onto a new exercise routine.
Today, I take care of my mind, body and
soul by staying fit. Exercising is a fun
hobby that I enjoy. I plan on keeping my
routine vibrant for years to come!
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What excuses do I make to feel
better about leading a sedentary
2. How can I banish these excuses and
finally get moving?
3. Is my partner or best friend willing to
exercise with me regularly in order to
keep me motivated?