How NUTRISYSTEM Works for you

NUTRISYSTEM Works Eating smart and often
Research suggests that eating smaller, balanced meals throughout the day promotes greater weight loss and maintenance. On Nutrisystem,

  • Eat every 2-3 hours—that’s 6 meals a day
  • Enjoy a mix of Nutrisystem entrees & snacks


    Our team of nutrition experts and
    dietitians designed Nutrisystem plans to include:

    • The right mix of nutrients to fuel your body
    • Plenty of healthy, lean protein
    • High-fiber to help keep you feeling fuller, longer
    • Low-glycemic carbs to stabilize blood sugar
    • Over 120 preservative-free foods!
    • No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors!
  • Mix in fresh grocery foods for balance & v


    Experts recommend losing an average of 1-2 lbs. per week for healthy weight loss


    Log your weight and measurements with our online tools to chart your progress


    Connect with our dietitians and counselors for helpful tips, advice and motivating inspirational


    To create a healthy and balanced consuming program to keep a healthy and balanced weight, it’s a great idea to do some study on wellness and also nourishment. If you’re not aiming to slim down however simply wish to consume well forever health and wellness, after that it is essential to recognize exactly how your body makes use of food. This makes it much easier for you to pick healthy and balanced food and also not be deceived when less-than healthy and balanced foods call themselves all-natural as well as healthy and balanced.

    A healthy and balanced consuming program ought to provide you far more compared to simply a great equilibrium of healthy protein, fat and also carbs. However if that equilibrium isn’t really in position to begin with, the strategy most likely isn’t really all that healthy and balanced. Any type of strategy that maintains fat at regarding 30% or much less of the diet regimen and also emphasizes great fats over hydrogenated fats most likely has a healthy and balanced fat equilibrium. There ought to be lots of resources of healthy protein aside from meat, like great deals of fish, healthy and balanced dairy products resources like yogurt, as well as beans

    Meet real people who tried Nutrisystem and achieved their weight loss goals. It worked for them, and it can work for you too!