Ultimate Health Tips For Women


There is a variety of life events and scares that can shake you to your core and make you reevaluate your health, like a friend having a health scare, or your inability to climb a dozen steps without losing your breath. How about depression? Do you worry about it, all women should, as many more afflicted with this mental health issue than men are.

You don’t need to experience one of these moments to get your health in gear. Perhaps, you simply want to improve your wellness, and well being, and be sure you cover all the basis when it comes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Understandably, you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of getting started because there is so much information it’s difficult to know where to start. We have done the hard work so that you don’t have to.


  Ultimate Health Tips For Women

If you think you’ve heard it all before, think again, because we’re taking a deep-dive into the 101 ultimate health tips for women. Yes, we’re going to take you through some of the most common tips, as well as the not so common, so be prepared to think about your health like you never have before.

  1. Diet

When you tackle your health, the easiest and most effective place to start is with the basics. How is your diet? You don’t need to say goodbye to everything you love, simply ensure you are eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Some of the guilty parties in your diet will be processed meats, junk foods, and sugary drinks. They might be delicious but they are doing you no favors, so cut them down or out entirely.

  1. Exercise

You might not want to do it, but it’s an absolute must if you want to look after your health. Ideally, you should be exercising at least four days a week and the optimum work out time is 30 minutes. However, if it’s been a while start off small and work up to the half hour mark. If you do too much too fast you’ll be too fatigued and give up entirely. The best way to make sure you stay active is by finding exercises that you truly enjoy.

  1. Power Nap

Yes, you have permission to sneak in a nap. Keep it to half an hour and you’ll feel like you’ve recharged your batteries without slipping into a deeper stage of sleep. Your sleep cycles are 90 minutes, so if you wake up before the deep cycle begins you won’t feel as though you could sleep for the rest of the day.

  1. Caution While Applying Mascara

Have you ever spotted those women doing their makeup in traffic? I can’t think of anything more dangerous, and not just due to the risk of a road traffic accident. Did you know that corneal abrasions are one of the most common eye injuries? The cause? Mascara wands.

  1. Skip Antibiotics

If you take antibiotics too often, your body will build up a resistance and this results in bacteria that are resistant to bacteria. Not to mention that antibiotics can kill the good bacteria in your body. You’ll be sick less if you look after yourself properly and when you really do need those medications, they will do the job they are designed to do. Ask your doctor.

  1. Wear Sunglasses

Not just any sunglasses, proper sunglasses that actually block UVB and UVA rays, and spend the extra money to go with a polarized pair. Your eyes will thank you! Not only will you reduce wrinkles around the eye area, you’ll protect yourself from damage to your eyes, which includes cataracts.

  1. Earplugs

There’s a difference between the volume on your home radio and that of a crowded rock concert. If you are frequently exposed to loud noises (including fireworks and lawn mowers), you would be wise to invest in silicone earplugs. You need your hearing to last throughout your life, so prevent damage to it by being wise now. While you’re at it, check the volume on your earphones.

  1. Quit Drinking Calories

Americans sure do love a sugary beverage and they are eating away at your daily calories! Whether it’s alcohol, soda, smoothies, or fruit juice – stop drinking all your calories. I bet you never thought to count them into your daily allowance! If you can’t let go of your favorite drink make sure you pick a sugar free option.

  1. Well Fitted Shoes

The benefit of wearing the right shoes doesn’t just benefit your feet. It can improve your posture, help your joints, and even reduce back pain. Of course, if you have a foot problem like plantar fasciitis or flat arches you should speak to a podiatrist about the right type of shoe for you.

  1. Healthcare

You can’t afford to be caught without it so make sure you are covered (https://www.healthcare.gov/).

  1. Your Medical Information

You should think of everything that could happen before it happens and how you can ensure you get the best possible medical care. Therefore, if you take a variety of prescription drugs you should create a list to keep in your purse. Don’t forget to include any supplements you take as well as any allergies or sensitives you may have to certain drugs. The list can include your primary doctor, and what conditions you have. Even if you have an accident that hasn’t rendered you unconscious, you may have difficulty recalling all the pertinent information.

  1. Can-Do

There really is something to be said for having a good attitude. When you adopt a can-do attitude, you might just find you really can do anything. So, take the time to learn how to change that flat tire and unclog your toilet. You’ll feel more confident and able to handle dicey situations when you know you can handle them.

  1. Skip the Sunbathing

All it will do is age you with wrinkles and increase your risk of skin cancer. You can opt for a spray tan, but if you can’t avoid the sun make sure you are lathering yourself in sunscreen. Remember, you need to reapply it regularly to get the best of it.

  1. Safe Sex

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you should always practice safe sex. Just because you’ve reached an age where pregnancy isn’t a risk or you’re taking birth control doesn’t mean your partner shouldn’t be taking the necessary precautions. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner when they were last tested because your health is your business.

  1. Get Tested Regularly

While we are on that subject, make sure you get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. If you are sexually active you should get tested on an annual basis, but consider a bi-annual test to be extra safe, especially if you’ve had multiple partners.

  1. Regular Exams

Since we’re already on the subject of testing… you should make time to get breast exams, too. Between mammograms, you should be examining your own breasts. It’s important that you know how they feel normally so that you are able to detect when something isn’t right. The National Breast Cancer Foundation can help you with how to do it properly (http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-self-exam).

  1. Mole Checks

When and how you do it is up to you, but the shower may be the easiest spot. Keep your eyes peeled for new moles, moles that have changed in shape and color and don’t forget to check your back and scalp.

  1. Ditch the Heels

Do you feel naked if you aren’t wearing heels? Well, you’ll feel a lot worse if you continue wearing them, from bunions to back problems; heels are not your friend.

  1. Protect Your Head

Whether you enjoy a bike ride or you’re still strapping on the roller blades, a helmet is a must. Even the slightest head injury can increase your risk of developing dementia.

  1. Replace Your Skillet

You might adore that heavy cast iron skillet but it’s allowing metal to seep from the pan into your food, so let it go.

  1. Always Strap In

It doesn’t matter how far you are driving – always wear your seat belt. Seat belts truly save lives and you can’t live a healthy life if you die in a car accident.

  1. Birth Control

There are plenty of reasons why women take birth control; it isn’t always about preventing pregnancies. It’s really important that you take the right birth control for your lifestyle, so speak to your doctor about whether your contraceptive is right for you.